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co★ntrol of the COVID-19 epidemic. -- Under the joint preve★ntion and control mechanism of the State Council, a press★ conference was held in Beijing, announcing that no new c★onfirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases were reported on the★ ChineA

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se mainland on March 19. It was the first time of s★uch zero report on the Chinese mainland since it started ★the nationwide battle against the coronavirus. -- Specia★lists from the China CDC attended a teleconferf


ence organi★zed by the WHO on COVID-19 vaccine research. March 21 --★ Xinhua News Agency reported that Chinese President Xi Ji★nping recently sent a message of sympathy to Spanish King★ Felipe VI, expressing sinch

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ere sympathies on behalf of th★e Chinese government and people to the Spanish government★ and people over the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Spain. X★i noted that China firmly supports Spain's efforts and me★asures i8

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n fighting the epidemic, and stands ready to shar★e prevention and control experience as well as diagnostic★ and treatment guidelines, and provide assistance and sup★port within its capacity. -- Chinese President XY

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i Jinping★ recently sent a message of sympathy to Serbian President★ Aleksandar Vucic, expressing sincere sympathies on behal★f of the Chinese government and people to the Serbian gov★ernment and people over the rX

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istance in protective equipment and medical instrument★s, and help it purchase urgently needed supplies in China★. China will also send a group of medical experts to help★ it better contain the COVID-19 epidemic, so as to protec★t the life, heM

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incere cooperation to promo★te joint research programs, strengthen cooperation in fro★ntier health and quarantine inspection, support the work ★of the WHO, jointly help African countries enhance epidem★ic prevention and contk

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rol, and strive to build a communit★y of common health. Xi said China stands ready to work w★ith France to encourage all relevant parties to step up c★oordination and cooperation within such frameworks as the★ UNand G20, enV

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gage in joint prevention and containment, i★mprove global health governance, help developing countrie★s and other countries in need with capacity-building, and★ cushion the epidemic's impact on the world economy. -- ★Chines8

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e President Xi Jinping talked over phone with Egypt★ian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, noting facts have sho★wn once again that mankind is a community that shares wea★l and woe. All countries must unite and work together to X

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★jointly cope with the COVID-19 epidemic. Xi said by upho★ldingthe vision of a community with a shared future forhu★manity,China will work with other countries to step up in★ternational cooperation in epidemic prevention and contro★l, jointlL

y address common threats and challenges, and saf★eguard global public health security. j

n★t prevention and control mechanism of the Stf